Why Moms love HeroKiddo Inflatables?

August 26, 2022

Why Moms love HeroKiddo Inflatables?

It’s no secret that moms love HeroKiddo inflatables, and they’re among our most frequent buyers. As HeroKiddo’s founders are parents themselves, our inflatables are specifically designed to be accessible to families. Here are a few reasons why Herokiddo inflatables are an excellent investment for moms.


Easy Setup and Teardown

Herokiddo Inflatables are simple in setup and teardown. They weigh up to 40% less than similar inflatables and are easier to move. Our inflatables are also easier to roll up and flatten. Moms can complete both inflation and deflation in seconds by themselves. Playtime has never been easier for moms to accomplish!

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Healthy Outlet for Kids

Today it can be hard for moms to limit their kids’ screen time without boring them, but Herokiddo has the answer. Our inflatables come in a variety of themes and colors sure to stimulate your young ones’ imagination. Kids will also get active by bouncing and sliding on these inflatables! Whether it’s being a princess or a hero, kids can take control of their playtime. 


New Business Opportunities

Starting a party rental company can be a way for moms to earn extra money, and some of our clients have used HeroKiddo inflatables in their businesses. Our inflatables use PVC and Duralite VInyl made for durability. This mildew-resistant material is also easy to clean. Our inflatables are easy to move from vehicle to event to home, so you can take them anywhere!


Bonding Opportunities

Moms and kids can enjoy HeroKiddo inflatables together! Our inflatables can support both adults and kids while providing plenty of fun. The value for moms creating happy childhood memories with their kids is simply priceless.

HeroKiddo inflatables provide endless opportunities for moms and kids alike. Most importantly, they’re opportunities that both moms and kids can enjoy together!