Why does air come from the seams of my bounce house?

June 26, 2023

Why does air come from the seams of my bounce house?

In the case of inflatable bounce houses or similar structures, intentionally allowing a small amount of air to escape from the seams serves a specific purpose related to safety and performance. it may even appear as tiny bubbles coming through the seams on a water slide! This intentional air release is often referred to as "air relief" or "pressure relief" in the inflatable industry. Here's why it is done:

1. Pressure regulation: Inflatable bounce houses are designed to be sturdy and withstand the weight and movements of people bouncing and jumping inside. As more individuals enter the bounce house and exert pressure on the inflated structure, the internal air pressure can increase. By allowing a controlled amount of air to escape through the seams, the pressure is regulated and prevented from becoming too high, which could potentially lead to overinflation and an increased risk of bursting.

2. Flexibility and stability: The controlled release of air helps maintain the flexibility and stability of the inflatable structure. By allowing a small amount of air to escape, the bounce house can respond and adjust to the movements and impacts of users. This helps ensure a safer and more comfortable experience by reducing the rigidity of the structure and minimizing the risk of abrupt deflation.

3. Mitigating temperature effects: Temperature changes can affect the air pressure inside inflatable objects. When the air inside the bounce house heats up, it expands, which can cause an increase in pressure. By allowing a controlled release of air, the bounce house accommodates temperature fluctuations, preventing excessive pressure buildup that could potentially damage the structure.

It's important to note that the intentional air release in bounce houses is carefully designed to maintain a balance between safety, stability, and performance. The amount of air released is typically minimal and carefully calibrated to ensure optimal functioning of the inflatable structure while keeping users safe.