Which inflatables should I choose for my rental business?

March 28, 2023

Which inflatables should I choose for my rental business?

The type of inflatable that you should purchase for your bounce house rental company will depend on several factors, such as your budget, target market, and the size of your rental business. Here are some popular options that you may consider:


Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are a classic and popular option for children's parties and events. They come in various sizes, shapes, and themes, and are usually easy to set up and take down. Shown below is an example of a standard bounce house unit! It is our new Sports 13'x13'


Combo Units

Combo units are larger inflatables that often feature a combination of a bounce house, slide, obstacle course, or other fun elements. They can provide more variety and entertainment for children and are often a good option for larger events. A good example of one of these units is our new Ocean Shark 14'x26' Combo!


Water Slides

If you're looking to expand your rental options beyond dry inflatables, water slides can be a great addition. They are popular in warmer months and can offer a refreshing way to beat the heat. Here is our new Ocean Shark Slide as a reference!

Consider your target market and the types of events you expect to cater to when selecting the type of inflatable to purchase. You may also want to research popular designs and themes to ensure that you have a selection that appeals to your customers.