What insurance is needed for an bounce house rental company?

April 07, 2023

What insurance is needed for an bounce house rental company?

Starting a bounce house rental company will likely require several types of insurance coverage. Here are some of the most common types of insurance that a bounce house rental company may need:


Keep in mind, the insurance needed will greatly vary as a result of your business size. Not all businesses need all insurances listed, though it is beneficial to learn for future growth opportunities!



  1. Liability insurance: This type of insurance is essential for any business that involves interactions with the public. It provides coverage in case a customer or third party is injured or suffers property damage due to your business activities. Liability insurance typically covers legal fees, medical expenses, and damages awarded in a lawsuit.
  2. Property insurance: Property insurance covers damage to your business property, including your bounce houses, inflatables, and other equipment. It can protect you from losses due to theft, fire, or natural disasters.
  3. Commercial auto insurance: If you use a vehicle to transport your bounce houses, you'll need commercial auto insurance to protect you in case of an accident.
  4. Workers' compensation insurance: If you hire employees to help with your bounce house rental business, you may be required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This type of insurance provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job, including medical expenses and lost wages.
  5. Umbrella insurance: Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your primary liability insurance. It can be helpful if you have a high-risk business or are concerned about potential lawsuits.



It's important to speak with an insurance agent or broker to determine the specific types and amounts of insurance that you need for your bounce house rental business. They can help you understand the risks associated with your business and recommend the right coverage to protect your assets and livelihood.