Insurance For Inflatable Rental Companies

February 10, 2023

Insurance For Inflatable Rental Companies

Should I get insurance for my inflatable company?


Many small companies will have the question come up in their planning; "Should I get insurance?" While this can be daunting, there are many considerations you should bring into consideration! 



If you have insurance...

  • Growth Opportunity

Outside the scope of residential rentals, there are many cases where you may rent our your inventory at theme parks, events, and other recreational centers. Having proper insurance is a must for these opportunities. Having exposure at these larger events will likely bring more business down the road. 

  • Peace of Mind

Having insurance is a safety net should things go wrong. It can protect you against liability as well as provide help with replacing/repairing damaged rental equipment. This can be extremely costly in both regards. 



If you DON'T have insurance...

  • Limited Opportunities

Not having proper insurance will eliminate many potential customers from your business. Not having insurance will also be a deterring factor to new customers, should they inquire. 

  • Constantly At Risk

Should any accidents occur, you are constantly at risk of losing your rental equipment due to damage, or losing your business due to lawsuits. 



Inflatable Rental

Insurance Providers



(872) 219-0884


The Friedman Group

(877) 580-7066



Disclaimer: Hero Kiddo does not endorse nor sponsor any of these insurance companies. They are strictly listed as an informational reference.