Family Reunions and Inflatables

March 19, 2024

Family Reunions and Inflatables

Family reunions are a great tradition that brings relatives together to celebrate their familial bonds and create lasting memories. While food, games, and storytelling are always present at any reunion, why not add some inflatable attractions for some added fun? From bounce houses and obstacle courses to giant slides and interactive games, inflatables provide entertainment for family members of all ages. We'll explore how to plan a family reunion with inflatables for a day filled with laughter and fun for the whole family.

Assess Your Venue and Space

The first step is to assess your reunion venue and available space. Take into account the size of your outdoor area, potential obstacles or terrain issues, and proper access to electricity for inflatables that need it. Ensure that the venue can accommodate the inflatable attractions you plan on using while leaving enough space for other activities.

Choose the Right Inflatables

Have your inflatable attractions cater to the diverse interests and age ranges of your family members. Bounce houses are always a favorite for younger children, while obstacle courses and interactive games are great choices for both older kids and adults. Consider offering a variety of inflatables, such as a giant slide for thrill-seekers, a sports arena for competitive games, and a toddler-friendly play area for the little ones so there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Plan Inclusive Activities

Incorporate inflatable activities into your reunion event to encourage participation from family members of all ages. Organize friendly competitions, relay races, and obstacle course challenges that build teamwork and camaraderie. You can also try themed activities like a "bounce house relay race" or a "slide competition" for an extra layer of fun and excitement. Lastly, don't forget to have playtime for younger children to freely explore and enjoy the inflatables.

Safety First

Safety is always a top priority when planning a family reunion. Purchase inflatables from manufacturers that provide high-quality equipment that follows safety guidelines and regulations. Supervise children closely while they're using the inflatables, with rules such as no roughhousing, no climbing on the outside walls, and no shoes allowed inside the bounce houses. 

Capture Memories and Fun

Document the fun and excitement of your inflatable-filled family reunion by capturing photos and videos throughout the day. A designated photo booth area with props and backdrops allows family members to pose for group shots and silly selfies. And don't forget to have fun as well! Whether you're bouncing in a bounce house, racing through an obstacle course, or sliding down a giant slide, the shared laughter and fun are what truly make a family reunion unforgettable.

Inflatable attractions can give your family reunion an extra element of excitement and fun for the whole family. With careful planning, you can create a reunion experience that is sure to be treasured for a long time.