Cool ideas to use waterslides during winter!

January 06, 2023

Waterslides During Winter Hero Kiddo Inflatables

Inflatable waterslides are great for providing entertainment in the warm summer months, but what about when the weather is cold? Thankfully, there are still ways to enjoy your inflatable waterslides during winter! Here are a few creative ideas you can use to make sure everyone can enjoy the slides all year long.


Hero Kiddo Inflatables Waterslides During Winter


One way to keep enjoying your inflatable waterslide during the winter months is by using ball pit balls. These can be commonly found on many online retailers. Fill up your pool with these small balls and let kids have fun sliding away in a ball-filled wonderland! Not only does they provide hours of entertainment but are also soft and safe if anyone falls.



Hero Kiddo Inflatables Waterslides During Winter Blankets


Another idea for an inflatable slide during colder months is to fill up the pool with blankets or foam squares instead of water. This creates a soft, warm surface that won’t freeze and keeps children safe from slipping on icy surfaces. You can even add some gymnastic mats under the pool if you want more layers of protection against falls!



Hero Kiddo Inflatables Winter Waterslide castle


If you do not have time for the above activities and have a slide with a removable pool, you still have plenty of opportunity for clean, dry fun! Simply remove the pool from the base of the slide and enjoy the fast paced entertainment! It’s also much easier to clean which makes it ideal for multiple uses over different days or weeks. Just make sure not to leave the inflatable on your grass for too long!


In summary, there are many ways to keep using your inflatable waterslide during wintertime - some require a bit more effort while others just need a few simple items like blankets or foam squares. Whichever option you choose, everyone will be sure to have fun with an exciting winter activity that both kids and adults alike will enjoy!