5 New Year's Eve Party Inflatable Bounce House Ideas!

December 26, 2022

Hero Kiddo New year inflatable bounce house party

Hero Kiddo jump into the new year Inflatable bounce house party


1. Jumpstart to the New Year

This is the perfect way to ring in the New Year! Have your guests jump up and down in an inflatable bounce house, believing that with each jump they take, they are growing taller! After their final leap of the night, present them with a celebratory toast to mark the beginning of a new year. Make sure to have plenty of ball pit balls filled inside so that everyone can enjoy a soft landing after each jump.



 Hero Kiddo New Years Eve Inflatables Karaoke Night


2. Karaoke Night

Bring on the music and let your guests show off their vocal skills in a one-of-a-kind karaoke night! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, add an inflatable bounce house. Get your crowd revved up for some awesome performances. Use it as a stage for singing duets or group choreography numbers. Remember, you don't need any professional equipment! Just plug your phone into a speaker and you're good to go!



 Hero Kiddo New years Inflatable Movie Night


3. Inflatable Movie Night

Gather around an inflatable bounce house, turn down the lights, and pop some popcorn for a cozy movie night! Let your family watch their favorite films while jumping on the bouncy surface. Have pillow fights over 2023 goals or having contests between who can stay up longer. Don't forget to fill your bounce house with ball pit balls to create safer landings and even more fun!



Hero Kiddo Dance Party Inflatable New Years


4. Dance It Out

Get ready to groove all night long with this ultra-fun party idea! Fill your inflatable bounce house with speakers, colorful lights and confetti cannons as you blast out upbeat tunes for friends and family alike. Let children boogie down while adults show off their best moves. No matter the age, everyone will love dancing around in an inflatable bouncer on New Year's Eve! 



Hero Kiddo inflatable photo booth new years party


5. Photo Booth Station 

Step up your selfie game by setting up an Insta-worthy photo booth station inside your inflatable bounce house. Whether it's staying still for posed shots or making funny faces when caught midair, everyone will love capturing this special moment together! Give out props such as hats or glasses for people to use when posing for photos.


An inflatable bounce house is a versatile and entertaining way to jump into the new year! With your family and friends, the possibilities of a great time are endless. For a spacious bounce house with plenty of interior room for to party, consider checking out our Castle 13’ x 13’! For an added level of fun, also check out the Ninja Warrior or Jelly Bean Castle with added slide and detachable pool!  Included is everything you need to get the night started!